It's a long beautiful weekend in both the U.S. and Canada ... Columbus Day for our southern neighbors and Thanksgiving for those of us in Canada. On long weekends, we should all spoil ourselves just a little bit and the only way to do that without gaining an ounce,
is enjoying some Parisian goodies ... virtually of course.

Laduree is my absolute favorite patisserie in Paris if I need a sugar fix. Not only are their pastries and treats so exquisite, but their beautiful boxes are just the cherry on the top. The shop above is located on Rue Bonaparte in the 6th arrondissement and is very different from their other restaurant near the Madeleine. Both locations are a must stop.
You will need to replenish your energy with a little sugar if you are to continue to see everything in the City of Lights.
This is inside Laduree on Rue Bonaparte. It's feels like you are in an luxurious Middle Eastern tent. Shoppers drop in for a pot of exotic tea and always a little pastry that you can't believe tastes as good as it does.
Anything made of pistachio has me at "hello". Forget Tom Cruise.
I love just sitting in the "tent" and noticing all the different patrons that are enjoying Laduree's treats. There are people from all over the world that are just relaxing and taking in the atmosphere and it's fun to guess where they may be from.
Lenotre is another "Paris Institution of Sugar". This particular Lenotre is in the park very near the Champs-Elysées. I haven't tried this particular location but I will in December.
How lovely would it be to sit in this atrium and look out at all the Christmas lights along the boulevard? I wonder if there are special Christmas pastries?
Sounds like a research project for me to consider and send back results for you to see.

This Youtube presentation is from Louis Vuitton City Guide 2011. I found it on Sweet Freak and I can guarantee you the choice of the most wonderful, creamy, tantalizing, gooey, sweetest dessert for this long weekend and you will not gain a silly pound.
That's my gift to you.

Happy Weekend everyone and thank you for all your wonderful comments.
They are so much fun to read.

All photographs taken by Meg Mitchell

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