Parisan Women Pillows

Christmas is slowly working it's way into our life and although there are numerous shopping days until the big day, I thought it might be a good idea to let you meet some of the little" Les Femmes de Paris" pillows with stands. This is Angelique, who was based on Audrey Tautou's portrayal of the Amelie in the movie of the same name. What a quirky fun little film.

I will be heading off to Paris on November 29th and the last day to purchase any hand painted products from my Etsy shop will be Friday November 26th.

On the back of each hand painted pillow is a little quote that tells you something about the pillow series or the lady featured on the pillow.
Angelique's quote is a line from the song "I love Paris."

Meet Isabella, a very typical Parisian woman. The quote on the back of her pillow says ...
"I heard the laughter in her heart in every street cafe."

Bonjour Solange. She is an elegant French woman with lovely wavey red hair.
The quote on the reverse of this hand painted pillow says ....
"April in Paris. Chestnuts in blossom, Holiday tables under the trees."
There always has to be a Fifi La Femme. She's the one with an attitude who loves to sit in the cafés and watch her fellow Parisians stroll by.
Her quote reflects her style ... " I want my cake and eat it too."

Please visit my Etsy shop if you are interested in meeting some of the other "girls" as well.
There are the Midlife Madonnas, the Southern Belles, the Great Dames,
the Girlfriends and the Fashionistas.
There is a lady who could be a great personalized present
for your best friend, your sister or Mom or even yourself .....

The Priscilla Mae et al little pillows make fun stocking stuffers.

Keep checking back as new ladies will be appearing in my shop on a regular basis
until I leave for Paris.

The last shopping day is NOVEMBER 26TH.

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