First The Volcano, Now The Terrorists?

I am planning to head back to Paris at the end of November to complete a bucket list item that I have had for many years. I want to see Paris decorated to the hilt for the Christmas season. I have heard from many people that the city is absolutely gorgeous at this time.

But, now we hear of warnings about a possible terrorist attack in Europe and Paris in particular. The US State Department is recommending that we remain vigilant to any suspicious activity. "US citizens should take every precaution to be aware of their surroundings
and to adept appropriate safety measures to protect themselves when traveling."

The fear is back. Do we stay at home and hide
do we go on about our plans and enjoy life?
Coco is not pleased about this information that could affect her beautiful city and it's people ... And no one should mess around with Coco Chanel.
We mustn't lose our heads. Common sense should prevail and life should go on.
Unless they cancel the planes flying into Paris, I am going. I will be vigilant. I will be aware of my surroundings when I am having dinner at the Café Constant or my petite dejeuner at Café Crona. I will not miss the beautiful windows of the Parisian retail stores or the Christmas music in the cathedrals or the rich hot chocolate at a sidewalk café.
All of our eyes are open but so are our hearts. As the famous psychologist Susan Jeffers says,

All photographs except Coco Chanel, were taken by Meg Mitchell in Paris.

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