You have written a best seller about an challenging aspect of your life. Little did you know when you set out to write this book that women would be so intrigued with your experiences. You are surprised, you are thrilled and you feel like pinching yourself just to make sure this isn't a dream.

Oprah calls and wants you for a special show featuring your bestseller and then, Hollywood comes knocking. They would like to film your book and want you to choose the actress who will play your role. Who would you select?

I've been asking a number of my women friends who they might choose to play themselves in a movie. My sister Pat said Kathy Bates, who is remarkably similar in style to my sister. Two friends chose Sandra Bullock because of looks and her love of New Orleans.

The first person who came to mind for myself was Susan Sarandon. She seems to be a gutsy lady and has a certain presence on film that captures your attention. She's quite outspoken which I've been told is also one of my characteristics and, of course, she likes younger men!!??!!

So come on ... play along.
Which actress would play you in the next big Hollywood blockbuster?

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