The one nice thing about going through your home and clearing out items is that once in a while, you come across a treasure that you have completely forgotten about. It's like finding a twenty dollar bill in your pocket when you least expect it.

I was sorting through my kept treasures in the basement and there it was. I felt like I was at a flea market again. I cleaned up the old frame and glass on the picture and hung it up in my newly painted bathroom and to me, it's a perfect fit. I had just repainted the walls a chalky flat white paint which makes the walls look older and softer and was looking for older prints to enhance the feeling of the room. I have another print from the same era that is a painting of a
couple of flamingos but it's not in such great shape.

It is definitely a print and it looks like it might have come from the 50's or 60's era because of the colors. The frame is completely grooved which gives the piece a lovely detail.
If any of you might know something about the age of this piece, I would love to hear from you.

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