A Country Bath

I have always kept a "dream book" of pictures from decor magazines of rooms or decorating ideas that I love. I cut out inspiring pictures and paste them into my book so that when it comes time to redo a room or a corner in my home, I will have a guide to the feeling I would like to achieve. The one criteria that must be met before I paste a picture into my book is that it has to make my heart skip a beat.

I loved this bathroom and I wish that I had written down in which magazine I found it but I didn't. It was the painted wooden walls and the clawed foot tub. I also loved the mirror above the old corner sink. And I really liked the little window at the top of the room so there would be privacy without a curtain.

And this is my downstairs bathroom. The room had been the old laundry room and I decided I'd rather have this bathroom downstairs next to a new bedroom I created from the dining room and put the laundry room upstairs closer to the other two bedrooms.

I found tongue and groove wood and covered the entire wall, floor to ceiling, and painted it white. I wanted a dresser to hold the basin and found this 3 drawer piece at an antique store that was going out of business. The light fixtures were new but I repainted and "roughed" them up a bit to fit into the decor of the room. I decided to use an old baker's rack to hold my towels and sprayed it black to make the wrought iron stand out against the white walls.

And here's my little soaker tub. It's small but it's like sitting in a cozy seat surrounded by warm water. I found the old fashioned faucets at Home Depot for half the price of the ones you find in finer bathroom fixture stores. I bought the chandelier over the tub at a flea market for about $20.00 several years ago and just repainted it cream. I put a little window above the tub that doesn't need a curtain. And of course, all the lights are on dimmers which I especially love when I want a wonderful soak in my old fashioned country bath.

Think I'll go take a bath.
Be sure to put an old stool next to your soaker tub to hold your glass of wine.

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