French Linen

Every time that I'm in Paris, there is always a brocante on the weekend in the area where I'm staying. One of my favorite small street antique fairs is along rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement. Rue Cler is a wonderful street with permanent food marchés featuring wonderful cheese, wine, vegetable, patisserie and meat shops. As well along the street are small cafés that serve delicious food from all the fresh food sold in the area.

At least once a month, 3-4 blocks of this street are open to antique dealers and one never knows what French treasures one might find. I love visiting the dealers that showcase the beautiful French linen, especially if the linen is monogrammed.
Be still my heart.

French linen is exquisite. Linen, like silver, seems to age so beautifully.
How gorgeous is this particular group of linen towels and accessories?
I noticed on that particular day along rue Cler that the red and white French linens were the biggest hits with the Parisian women. These ladies are serious shoppers. Meals are an important French ritual and a beautifully set table is the
perfect canvas for an exquisite French dinner.
At home, I love to use linens as curtains in my bedrooms and baths. Monogram linens towels are my favorite curtains because their texture allows in the light without the visuals. During the day, I clip up the edges so that I can enjoy the trees and
at night when the linen towels are allowed to hang, I know I have my privacy.

I love to put a lace curtain under the linen towel because it gives the bath a feminine touch.

Linen towels are easy to maintain as curtains ....
just wash, starch and iron and linen will look as fresh as a spring day.

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