The weather is cooler, thank goodness, and it looks like it might be a perfect weekend to pretend that you are in Paris. And every gorgeous day in Paris starts with le petit déjeuner, n'est-ce pas? Une café au lait et une ficelle avec la confiture et du beurre. Hmmm...
It will be a beautiful weekend to sit in the sun at Les Deux Magots
and enjoy a leisurely breakfast watching the world pass by.
Or, it might be a lovely morning to sit with a best friend
and just catch up with each other's lives.
Or, if you can find time on your own, read the paper.
And after a couple of hours of sitting and enjoying catching your breathe from your busy week, listen to this lovely French accordion music and see the beautiful Parisian photographs of the famous Robert Doisneau. He is a true Parisian icon.

Take a little time for yourself this weekend.

All photographs taken by Meg Mitchell.

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