I love John Galliano. And whenever I go to Paris each year, I go to find his shop on rue St. Honore and see what he has done with his windows. This year, he was selling his sunglasses by using a photo that went from a woman ....
to a man .....
to John himself. Surprise... but probably not.
Font sizeIt is Fashion Week in Paris now and the new fashions for Spring/Summer 2010 are now on the runways. John Galliano did a show yesterday that is a new take on "Sunset Boulevard" and featuring a Norma Desmond likeness. This year, they say he toned down his usual flambouyant style and is featuring soft sheer dresses, sharp shouldered jackets and lots of trench coats with lace panels. That sounds rather lovely.
Wouldn't a John Galliano chair look lovely in your boudoir?
These last two pictures were my absolutely favorite window at John's store. This window was 2-3 years ago and I was so hoping for something wonderful this year when I went there. But alas.
I enlarged these two photos to hang in my room for inspiration and pure fantasy. I love how he uses his newspaper logo in either paper or material to highlight his collections. What a marketer!

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