What's the hottest color in Paris this Fall? Purple, aubergine, mauve, lilac, fuchsia and all other the lovely combinations of the red and blue combo. Laduree, Paris' most famous patisserie, change their colors and styles of their packaging on a regular basis and lilacs played a big role in all their windows in their shops this Fall. How lovely does it look with the green?
Purple reigned as a prominent accent color in many of the designer shops. They were often mixed with lovely blues and hot pinks.
Check out the new purple boots of this Parisienne walking across the Pont l'Alma. Purple seemed to work very well as an accessory for the usual Paris black uniform.
The Contessa Eyeglass Case would look very "in" this season in your purse, don't you think? www.priscillamae.etsy.com
How about a beautiful puffy winter coat in various shades of purple to make winter a little more bearable? Notice the purse. I love the different tones of the colors and how they work together.
Lots of men were sporting sweaters in this hot new color mixed with a soft pink shirt. May take a fashion forward man to feel comfortable wearing that combo together.
How about the new high heeled boots in this fuchsia color? I think they are smashing. The color I mean ... couldn't do heels at this height anymore.
Purple gloves. That would be an easy way to wear this season's hottest color if you may be just a bit timid.
And when all fails, how about a cafe au lait at this lovely little cafe near St Sulpice? I thought the colors were so enchanting.

I think Prince would really approve of this hit of "Purple Rain."

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