It's Fall in Paris and the golden colors are everywhere. They simply warm up the streets throughout the city. This window is from the famous store, COLETTE which is along the rue St. Honore. I have been reading their website for the past couple of years but it just simply doesn't compare to seeing this store in person. The window above is a design from the hot sister design team Rodarte. The store has most of the funky designers represented and there are as many security personnel as there are mannequins. Music, books, Converses, clothing ... something hip for everyone.
Another beautiful Autumn day in Paris along the Champs Elysees and the Vogue Cover exhibition. The colors of the covers look so lovely against the backdrop of the changing leaves.
I decided to buy some watercolor paints and try my hand at painting. I haven't done much with watercolors but they kept me thoroughly entertained at night. It's great fun to try something new.
Love this fetching poster that is all over Paris. She's such a dear!!! The posters in Paris are one of my favorite things to take pictures of. Little pieces of art along the walls, windows and in many unexpected places.
The first Sunday I was here, I went to see the Marche des Oiseaux. Parisians have such small apartments and not everyone wants a dog. That's were these little birds come into the picture. The Marche sells cages, and birdseed as well just in case a little finch or parakeet tickles your fancy.
"Besson" is a store in the St Germain des Pres district and they feature lovely furniture and hand painted wallpaper. The golden yellows and French blue wallpaper would be lovely for an accent wall. Wallpaper is quite popular here in Paris as it is in North America now.
There are "Antoine and Lili" stores all over Paris and they all seem to painted a different color. This store is in the 10th arrondissement in the St. Martin Canal area and is a lovely bright color on the corner near the Canal. The colors of the fashions and fun merchandise really catch your attention and the prices aren't bad either. I actually looked at some of the clothes there.

The greys and whites of the buildings of Paris are a lovely backdrop to all the beautiful colors of the stores, the art and the fashions.

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