I am home from Paris and it was one of my very best trips to that great city. I am always glad to come home and get back into my painting and having fun with "the girls." While I was away, I had orders for my smaller 5" X 5" pillows and was down to only a handful of product. So to get back into the swing of working again, I eased into making some more Little Pillows of the French girls. This is Edith who I fashioned after Edith Piaf. I know smoking is considered passe here but in Paris, most women still enjoy their smoke.
All the Little Pillows come with stands so you can put them on your desk or night table and if you need someone to practice your French with ... they are there.

This is Manon and she is truly a St. Germaine Girl just like Sonia Rykiel. She wears the hats and has that little "je ne sais quoi" attitude.
And of course, Coco Chanel next to her Fauchon box of goodies. On the plane home from Paris, I saw the movie "Coco Before Chanel." What a perfect way to cap off my trip to Paris.

These little pillows all have a quote on the back. Coco's pillow has a famous saying of hers and the other two pillows have a line or two from a well known French song.

To view these pillows and the others I have made, please visit my Etsy shop and read the little stories of Les Femmes de Paris.

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