This was one of the all time treats to find in Paris. I rarely use a map when I am in Paris because I love to discover wonderful little "finds" as I meander through the streets. I had just had my usual cafe au lait and tartine for breakfast and found myself on the Champs Elysees face to face with this show.

This is the celebration of the top Paris Vogue Covers by some of the most famous photographers, models and icons over the last 90 years. As you can see, they are lined up along the Champs Elysees so that everyone can enjoy these beautiful remembrances of Paris Vogue's past.

This cover is by the famous photographer David Bailey. This was for the winter collections of 1965.
This is Princess Caroline of Monaco for the December 1983 issue. It is a painting of her by Andy Warhol. Don't you just love this cover? Absolutely gorgeous.
This issue was featuring the hats of the Spring of March 1931. Another favorite of mine.
The beautiful pinks of this cover was captured by Irving Penn in July 1952. The issue was featuring the beautiful clothes and vacations of summer.
And another Spring collections issue from April 1934. Oh how French. This stylish Parisianne is enjoying a lovely walk along the Champs Elysees with her little French pooch.
I love the hot pinks in this Vogue Paris cover of 1995. I am going to go back again this week to spend more time admiring these wonderful covers. I was most attracted to the arty covers unless the photographs were edgy in style. As I recall, most fashion magazines today rarely use art to depict the styles or trends of that month. I get so weary of seeing Hollywood movie stars on all the covers and it would seem to me, that a stylized painting of a star or model might just make an issue stand out on the shelves. Models are all starting to look alike on the catwalks. Magazines need to capture our imagination again. Little pieces of art to whet our senses of what lies within.

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