Missing Paris

I've only been home from Paris for 5 days and I am missing it already. When 
you come home from from a great holiday, do you review the things you 
were doing "this time last week?"
I miss sitting at the outside cafes having a little glass or two of rose. This little bistro was around the corner from the American Library in the 7th arrondissement and overlooked the Eiffel Tower. I would get my books at the library and sit and read and enjoy the warm sun.
I miss my little apartment close to St. Germain des Pres. It was a real "girly" apartment and so comfortable and fun to be in. I loved fooling around with my painting at night and listening to the French music I had downloaded on my Mac before I left.
I miss my eclair a la pastiche that I would have around 4:00 at Laduree on rue Bonaparte. Most everyone goes to Laduree on the right bank but I really love the smaller store and tea room in the St Germain area. It's a magic place.
I miss the architecture of this beautiful city. Every street is like a 
feast for the eyes and soul.
I miss buying my beautiful produce at the marche. This is the marche on President Wilson Blvd. The Fall is the best time to see and enjoy all the produce. It was definitely a horn of plenty every Wednesday and Saturday. There are a number of marches everyday somewhere in Paris. The produce is so sweet ... it just tastes so different there.
I miss seeing the stylish older women. I didn't see any older women 
who looked like they had had plastic surgery. They looked their age 
beautifully and dressed simply but with style.
Of course, I miss the Eiffel Tower and it's the one reason that my 
favorite arrondissement to stay in is the 7th.
And most every morning I would pass this lovely lady on my way to 
the Corona Bistro for my cafe au lait and tartine which is at the 
Place de l'Alma. They would give you a large cup half filled with espresso 
and then bring you a silver pitcher filled with hot milk so you could 
make your own cafe au lait just the way you liked it. The tartine came with 
the most delicious butter and two little jars of Bonne Maman jams to 
spread on top. It was a heavenly way to start the day and the people 
watching in the area just topped off the whole experience.

Oh, I miss Paris.

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