When in Paris last year, I was enamored by all the wonderful faces I found everywhere.  So out came my trusty camera to capture some of the stone angels watching over the loveliest city in the world.  This is my favorite guardian.  She was over a door of an apartment house and I passed her every morning on my way to have my cafe latte and croissant.  Her wonderful face always seemed as if she was wishing me a good day.  She's everywhere in my home as she is my face of Paris.
Some faces over the doors were not people.  Some may have been favorite animals.  Some could have been representative of the husband living in the home??!!
This lovely lady was one of the featured musicians in Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  I have a major "thing" for the Eiffel Tower as some of you may know,  so I spent a lot of time hanging around these ladies.  
I saw these gorgeous figures towering over the street when riding on one of the city buses and immediately jumped off the bus so I could take a picture or twenty.  The building is on a corner and about 15 of these figures wrap around the top of the building.  They are absolutely glorious. The building is a police station.  Can you imagine that in North America?
It seemed to me that every entry had something above the door.  My neck always had a certain creak in it each night from taking so many pictures of the stone angels over head.  I love the setting and the details of each presentation.  Concrete eye candy.
I wish we had stone angels in our cities in North America.  It's so lovely having someone watch over you.  As I was looking through my Paris pictures, it occurred to me that it's no wonder I love painting women's faces.  I am fascinated by faces and drawn to the eyes.  They say that the eyes are the windows of our souls.  In Paris, the stone angels' eyes show the soul of this great city.

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