Last night while I was watching "So You Think You Can Dance",  I was sketching some new faces for more French ladies.  I was inspired by one of the judges on the panel of this dance show that had on an incredible hat that looked oh so French and so chic.  I was mesmerized by her and how the hat gave her an interesting edge.  Did I think her opinions carried a little more weight?  I knew nothing of her background but I think her hat gave her a sense of authority.

Manon is one of my favorite ladies I have designed.  I love to change the clothing she wears and in the photo above, I put her in a Marc Jacob's suit from his spring/summer collection. The hat always stays the same and seems to fit whatever she wears. But Manon without the hat is just a redhead.   And there is something about a veil.  Oh, to be able to wear a veil.
This is Isabelle.  I first designed her as a tribute to women who have been through chemotherapy and want to wear a hat.  She is the most popular tote I paint and she is bought by all women.  I love her hat as well and the colors are always determined by the earrings I have found for her.  Her hat, which gives her a sophisticated look and coupled with the earrings, sets off her eyes.  Hats always take the attention to the woman's eyes.  When a person has on a great hat, don't you want to look a little deeper into her eyes?  Your curiosity makes you want to know more about this person.  I think men are more intrigued by women with hats.  I think we all are.
Hats also give you an attitude.  Or do you have to have attitude to wear a hat?  I always love hats that are set at an angle and allow the wearer to peek out from underneath. Doesn't a hat allow the wearer to observe the world without being so obvious?  A hat lends a veil of mystery. 

This is true of men as well as women.  Take a look at Johnny Depp in his new movie where he portrays a gangster.  Now, Johnny Depp looks good anytime but in this movie,  he looks delicious and it's all because of his fedora.  A hat changes the way you behave.

So, in the next couple of weeks, I will be coming out with some new women who wear wonderful hats.  And you might even see a new design based on the wonderful hat I saw on the judge of "So You Think You Can Dance."  Can't wait to see the show tonight to see if she has another wonderful addition to her attire.  I bet she does.  She's a woman with attitude.

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