I just returned last night from one of the best holidays I've ever experienced and it's right in my own country.  I have been to Quebec City on business but I have never taken the time to get to know her, and what a pleasure it was!  I am just beginning to sort through my pictures but today, I will give you a little taste of one of the most delightful cities in Canada and probably, North America.  It is called New France and you don't have to cross the Atlantic to have a little bit of  "je ne sais quoi."
The people of Quebec City are warm and friendly and most everyone speaks English within the city but they always appreciate your trying to use what little high school French that you may have.  I can truly say that the Quebec people were the nicest people I have ever encountered on a holiday.  I felt they appreciated my visiting their Belle Province and they couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating.
The food was amazing and I will highlight some favorite bistros and cafes in my next blogs. The cuisine is always a major reason I travel and if that part of the trip is good, you can be pretty assured that the journey will be a success.
The food ingredients were fresh and very Quebec.  One cannot leave this beautiful province without some tasty maple syrup, or the beautiful cheeses or the handmade sausages in so many different flavors.
The beautiful old stone homes were breath taking and I was ready to buy a house in Quebec City within the first day of arriving.  We are very young in Canada in terms of our history and that reflects in the style of our architecture. The cobblestone streets coupled with the lovely stone buildings with richly painted shutters were so picturesque.  
History is everywhere and les Quebecoise celebrate their heritage.  By going to the Musee de la Civilisation, I had the chance to better understand the rich history of this province and the people and the dynamics of their culture that has had such a compelling effect on my country.  
I am an American by birth and a Canadian by choice and I am so glad that Quebec is a part of my country. 
Over the next several blogs, I will be showing you some pictures of this most wonderful trip to this little piece of paradise in the Northeast part of North America.

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