Signs are little pieces of art and sometimes, not so little.  With pictures and words, they tell us what might be hidden behind the door that is under them.  I never paid much attention to signs.  Most are very unattractive and are a means to an end.  But then, when I visited Quebec City last week and I was looking up to admire the beautiful buildings, I noticed little pieces of art swaying in the breeze trying to attract my attention.  In the picture above, this sign was to a little candy store that specializes in maple sugar products.  How beautiful and how Quebecois!  
This sign with few words told you exactly what you might find in their premises.  It's a famous restaurant in Quebec City with good food and a lovely place to sit outside and enjoy the lower town by the St. Lawrence River.  We had a delicious breakfast here and a great bowl of cafe au lait.
I liked this picture with the flower boxes behind the sign.  Just a nice composition.   And I always love the French script anywhere but especially on the blackboards outside of the cafes.
Lovely sign and very French.  Even the iron work holding up the signs is so beautiful. Everything goes into making a sign a welcoming hello.
Very typical of the beautiful old crafts and products of Quebec.  You can sense a bit of the history of this shop.
Of course, anything related to breads and bakery goods were always given very close attention. My partner is a major breadophile.  We have to taste breads everywhere we go and if they also sell pastries, they have to be gawked at and most definitely, sampled.  Thus, I added 5 pounds in 6 days on our holiday.  I am learning to take a bite or two but it's such a waste...  Didn't our parents tells us not to waste food???  What's a girl to do??
A little tobacco shop on rue St. Jean.  We didn't go in this shop but I still loved the sign.
It was fun to look up and try to find interesting little pieces of art swinging gently over our heads.  In Paris, I loved looking for the stone angels and figures positioned over so many of the doors.  I am going to start paying more attention to these lovely signs of the times.  It's fun to have things to look for when you are traveling or even in your own area.  It forces us to pay attention to our surroundings and to appreciate the skill and thought someone took to invite us into their lives. 

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