Tomorrow is the first day of summer and it has been long anticipated.  Beautiful sunny days call for fashionable sunglasses to protect your little peepers.  But fashionable sunglasses are sometimes difficult to find glass cases large enough to encase them.  Ah ha....  Introducing the Priscilla Mae Eyeglass Diva Cases for summer fun.  
This little redhead is Stella and this little dame has attitude.  She reminded me of Samantha in "Sex in the City" when I was first creating her.   She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.
Thus, she means business as her quote on the back of the case indicates.  "DO NOT START WITH ME.  YOU WILL NOT WIN."   Don't we all have a little Stella in us at times?
Say hello to Petunia.  She's one of the Garden Club girls.  All garden Martha Stewart wanna bees have to have great sunglasses for their passion.  And what a fun case to take to your next Garden Club meeting.  Bet you'll be the only one with one.

On the back of Petunia's case is a picture of her leaving and with the lovely quote;  "MAY ALL YOUR WEEDS BE WILDFLOWERS."
Now here's the Midlife Madonna.  Her name is Estelle and she's a famous romance novelist who lives in England.  You may have read her novels when on vacation at the beach or sitting around the cottage just cooling off.  Her novels go great with summer but you will need your sunglasses to protect your eyes when reading these hot little novels and you will need a fun case to put them in when it's time to kick back and close your eyes.
And every Midlife Madonna knows this one truth.  "YOUTH IS A GIFT.  AGE IS AN ART."

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