Everything about the French culture enraptures me.  This poster was hanging all over Quebec City announcing a terrific show about Les Femmes Artistes.  The first lady you see has her own poster which I now own and am thinking of a wonderful place for her in my home.  I love her boldness and the hot colors.  I just recently completed the little shaped French ladies below for my Etsy shop.  Each time I paint them, they are a little different looking and usually a new color combination.
This is the French Hat Lady.  I love her mystery.  I think it's the veil.  If only I looked good in hats, I'd wear a hat to the grocery store with a veil.  It would certainly take the boredom out of that job and wouldn't it be fun to notice the other shoppers' expressions?  I think you need that special "something" to carry off a great hat.
This is Isabelle.  I like to play around with the designs for her dress but I always keep her hair black.  I do change the hair color of many of the women I design but there are a few that should stay just the way I first envisioned them and Isabelle is one of those.
And this is the French Hat Lady in aquas and blues.  Aqua has recently become a favorite color of mine.  I'm not really a bluesy kind of person, but I do like the combination of these two blue hues.
And of course, this is Manon with her hot pink background and a suit very similar to Marc Jacob's spring collection.  I love watching the couture shows featuring Marc Jacob's collections.  Actually, I love watching all the collections of most of the top designers.  It is a walking art show and the imagination and colors used by these clothing artists is breathtaking.  

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