I am not a gardener, but I love to be outside close to something that could be called a garden. Since I don't have a green thumb and more times than not, there are large brown dirt patches, I decided it was best to put something there that wouldn't need watering, fertilizing or being replaced each Spring. I build structures that stand year round so I can enjoy seeing something there in every season. I built this garden room as a place to just sit and enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon and it's a lovely little place to look at when I'm painting in my studio. The window at the rear of the structure has a mirror that reflects back the green of the plants, when they haven't died.
I know you see lattice everywhere. I am a lattice junkie. It reminds me of lace in a garden and I love to look through it at the foliage. I especially like lattice as a fence between neighbors because it's not such a stark division between people. But then, that's only advisable if you have nice neighbors.
I love to paint furniture in my garden. It can be a little dicey at times when small insects and blades of grass attach themselves to the wet paint but it adds visual interest.
I love to play with my cat in the garden. As you can see from the size of her, she prefers to lie in the sun, so our playing is usually reduced to my sitting with her as she sleeps.
And in the spring and summer, I love to take pictures of the totes and pillows positioned somewhere in my garden. See how useful and pretty the lattice can be as a backdrop? This is Lily from the Garden Club series and it's the face I use as my avatar in my Etsy shop.
It's another beautiful day in Niagara On The Lake and the outside is beckoning us to go and sit in the garden and enjoy the flowers while there are still some to enjoy. Happy Sunday.

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