I love to make these little lavender shoe sachets before I do a show.  They are hand painted and filled with fiberfill and fresh lavender from Niagara On The Lake.  I always think of them as little pieces of fun art you can hang on door knobs, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity pulls or on a pretty little lamp.  They all have fun quotes about one of women's biggest obsession .... SHOES.  This sachet says:  "GODDESSES DO NOT WALK .... THEY GLIDE."
This little lemon yellow sachet quotes:  "LET ME SHOP AND NO ONE GETS HURT."  That might have been a more appropriate quote about a year ago.  Now we are all hurting.
                                          "NEXT TO MY CORSET, SHOES ARE MY FETISH."  
Love this little sachet in the patina blue background.  It's quote says:  "IN MY HEELS, I AM NEARER TO HEAVEN."
What is it about women and their shoes?  The last time I wore heels was when I was a consultant in the business world but now.... I love pretty flats.  Comfort is more important to me but I still love a pretty pair of shoes.  
The quote on this little hot pink sachet says, "HEELS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND."
"I'D RATHER SHOP THAN EAT."  I wish this quote were true for me.  When I go to Paris, there is nothing like window shopping in that gorgeous city BUT, I really go to Paris to eat.  And when I am sitting down in a cute little sidewalk cafe, it doesn't matter what is on my feet.  I am just so pleased to be off of them, pretty flats and all.

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