This is Hyacinth, the Garden Goddess.  From an appearance perspective, she is based on a very good friend of mine. I didn't realize that I had drawn my friend Joan until I had finished my first painting of Hyacinth.  I propped up the painting to have a look at it and kept saying to myself... "This lady looks very familiar."  Then it hit me that I had created a Joan likeness.  The funny part about this is that I was creating the series "The Garden Club" and my friend Joan would never be caught in a garden club.  The only thing she would do with the word "garden" in it would be going to a garden center and buying the potted plants and putting them around her garden.  C'est tout.  
Now I know gardening is beloved by so many of you but as I get older, gardening has become a bit of a pain, literally.  Getting down on your knees to pull up all the weeds that seem to thrive in my own garden is not a problem.  Getting back up is another matter all together.  How attractive I look as I push my lovely bottom into the air in order to get my legs unlocked.  My friend Joan gave me a little garden stool/seat that she used probably once to assist her in standing erect again.  I've used it three times.  The little stool now looks quite lovely in my garden with pots of flowers on it.  I have followed my friend's wise gardening endeavor and am now buying potted plants as well.  Instant garden.  Don't you just love gardening??

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