Now, here's another view of fashion in Toronto.  FASHION CRIMES is a well known store in the popular Queen Street West district and is owned by Pam Chorley.  Pam is also the designer of all the fun and wonderful fashions in this very unique shop.  FASHION CRIMES started as a small shop on Queen West and now has evolved into a "haven of classic inspired yet cutting edge dresses" for girls and women of all ages.  Most of the dresses in her shop are produced at her studio around the corner.  This picture is from her website.
Of course, any store with a black and white awning always attracts my attention because I usually find unique and fun pieces inside a store with a striped entrance.
As soon as I walked into the store, my mouth was agape with all the colors and styles of everything my eye lit on. The little details of her designs were just a treat to behold.  Many many young girls were excitedly hunting for their prom dresses and what a selection to choose from!  The store felt as if it were on a sugar high.  Of course the moms were following after their daughters lamenting about the prices of these fun fashions.  I was so jealous of these potential prom queens.  Tulle, lace, flowers, pearls, beautiful colors, feathers...... What eye candy!   
But the clothing wasn't the only feature of FASHION CRIMES.  I adored the shop's decor.  So much to look at and your eye just doesn't stop it's travel throughout this experience.  I loved these chandeliers inside long silk fringes.  Little details of fun were everywhere.
This little funky pillow was featured in the window of FASHION CRIMES.  Notice the hot pink tights and shoes on the mannequin and I just love the detail of the sewn flowers on the lime green dress.  It's a cotton candy experience!
I could go on and on about the fun of this store and I applaud Pam Chorley for giving Toronto a wonderful experience in retailing.  For me as an artisan, it was an inspiration.  For me as a woman, for the first time in a very long time, I wished I was a young girl again going to a prom.

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