The little girl in the red bathing suit.
This is Anais, one of the French lady pillows from the series "Les Femmes de Paris."  She was originally designed for a well known French Country store in Toronto a number of years ago but is still a well loved pillow today.

Marisa bought the Anais pillow to put among some of her favorite things on her bedside table. One precious memory is the wonderful little photograph of Marisa in her new red bathing suit at a beach in England.  She can still remember that special day and how that bathing suit felt.  Her Dad bought it for her for the holiday at the beach and although it didn't fit perfectly, it was so special to her because it was red, it was a present from her Dad and it was all hers.  
Marisa feels that every woman should have a favorite photo of herself as a young girl because it reminds us to take care of that little girl in us each day.  I think that is a lovely thought and a very wise one.   I too have a favorite photo of myself as a little girl that I have in my studio that reminds me to have fun with my art.
This is Simone from "Le French Kiss" series.  It's lovely to see that Marisa loves Paris as much as I do.
It is lovely to see Simone sitting on Marisa's desk.  She remembers this desk from her father's home in England and after he died last year, she had the desk shipped from England to Vancouver where she lives.  But a "small problem" occurred when the desk ended up in Montreal and not Vancouver.  She had the desk reshipped to Vancouver and as a lovely twist, the desk arrived in Vancouver on the anniversary of her father's passing.  What a wonderful story.
I am honored to have my pillows in the very special places in Marisa's home.  I love the way she is celebrating her life by setting up vignettes of the important things and memories of her life. What a lovely way to start each day surrounded not only by the people you love but the memories you love from the past.

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