I spent the afternoon in Toronto and walked all over the Bloor Street area with my little trusty camera.  What a treat it was to pass by the windows at Holt Renfrew and see these great vignettes.  Lots of people were taking pictures, so kudos to the window designers at Holts.  On the awnings outside the store were long silver fringes that sparkled and caught everyone's attention.  The rest of the windows on Bloor Street were so "same old, same old" as compared to Holt's.
Sorry for the reflections of the cars going by but it was a beautiful sunny day and it's either sun or great pictures I guess.  I spent some time on the second floor in the designer's section and the colors of the summer collections were stunning.  Wanted to take some pictures of the great designs and colors but that wasn't allowed and understandably.
Don't you just love the designs of this decade?  Wouldn't it have been fun to live then?  Even the furniture and art from that period are breathtaking.  
These were two of the fun quotes that were on the windows in front of Holt's vignettes.  They will be coming soon to the Priscilla Mae pillows and totes.  I love this Fanny Brice quote.
And a pillow of Sally Rand and her fans would be a great subject in my Notorious Women series.  We all have or would like to have a little bit of Sally Rand in our blood.  We just need a few ostrich fans and a whole lot of attitude.  Thank you Holt Renfrew for your inspirational windows.

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