The Beautiful Stone Homes Of Quebec City

 What a wonderful weekend in Quebec City....
It is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada.
It sits on high hills overlooking the majestic St Lawrence River
with large ships winding their way to The Great Lakes.

Around the perimeter of the Vieux-Québec is a large wall
protecting the settlers from outside forces.  It is one of the few
walled cities in North American.  You feel like you are in France.
Québec was call New France.

I love walking through Québec City just looking at all the beautiful
old stone homes and buildings.  There is something about the texture and
patterns of the stone walls that mix so beautifully with colorful doors and
windows.  Each home seems to have it's own style.

Have a look at a few of my favorite homes. 
The house above is the one I might choose to live in if
anyone asked.....

 Many of the roofs are tin or copper.
The tin roofs look new.
The copper roofs turn a beautiful blue-green as they age...
Most of the government buildings in Canada have copper roofs.
 The streets wind throughout the old town and your
legs get quite a workout as you make your way through the streets.
I didn't see any gyms....
no need.  
Everyday life in Québec City will give you a great workout.
Québec City row houses...

 The purple door and windows .... beautiful.

 A newer building but so beautifully painted.
 Oh my.....
I kept trying to decide which house I would choose.
Every house had something special about it.
La Belle Province.

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Colette is not from Québec
but she visits all the time.
Maybe I need to paint a beautiful
Québec femme.....
but until I do,
visit Colette here.

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