Staycation In Your Own Home Town ... Toronto

 Saturday was the most gorgeous day of this summer.
Warm sun, cool breeze, no humidity.
Perfect Toronto weather.

So off we headed on the trolley to Harbourfront...
Toronto's playground at the bottom of the city
right on Lake Ontario.

In the past year, our lake front has been going through
a lovely transition to make it even more people friendly
and we decided to see all the changes.

There are now Muskoka chairs all along the waterfront where
you can sit and read a book, enjoy watching the boats on the lake,
or sleep in the warm sunshine.  A deck was built so you could
pretend you are in Cottage Country in Northern Ontario
without getting in your car to fight the traffic.
 You look north from your Muskoka chair and you get a
good view of the city,  CN tower and the Blue Jays Stadium.
The roof opens on gorgeous days like this one but
unfortunately, our baseball team was on the road...
winning as usual.
 This scene reminds me of the beach along the Seine in Paris.
Now Toronto has a beach at our Harbourfront Park.
 Every weekend, there is a special festival that celebrates
the wonderful diversity of our beautiful city.
This weekend was the Iranian Festival.
Food, music, crafts of Iran....
all this helps us to better understand and appreciate
the cultures from around the world.
Toronto is so multicultural and
it all seems to work so well.
 The Power Plant is a free art gallery in
the heart of the park.
This installation was a large rug covering the floor
and a huge mirror on the ceiling reflecting the words.
You are supposed to lie on the floor to get the best perspective
but we were the only ones who did this.
And of course, at the end of the day, sitting down to enjoy
a beer and relax by the lake.  We have some good restaurants
down by the lake where you can kick back and watch the airplanes
land at the Island airport, or sailboats slipping by or ferry boats taking
people to the large island just across from the harbour while listening
to music performed by street musicians....

Sometimes the best vacations can be in your own backyard.
And if you are not from Toronto,
we would love for you to come and visit the most livable
city in North America.
"We are the North"

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