Beautiful Sights Along Toronto's Mink Mile

This morning was a beautiful cool day...
just the right temperature to take a long leisurely walk
and see what special treats Toronto might serve up for 
my art and decor inspiration.

I was not disappointed.

At the corner of Avenue Road and Bloor Street,
which is the beginning of The Mink Mile in Toronto,
is the beautiful Greek Revival Building that was originally
built as the Department of Household Science for the University
of Toronto in 1906.  It was the year women had gained
admission to the University of Toronto.
The building was built by the tractor heiress, Lillian Massey who
supported the household science movement.

Club Monaco, the well-known clothing line, took over the lower
space and enhanced the beautiful bones of the building with
their retail know-how.  In front, they have always had lots of large
plants to soften the hard lines.
But today, as I walked past this spot,
they have set up a beautiful coffee terrace, along with a bake shop,
a flower shop as well as one of Toronto's best foodie partners,
Parts and Labour.  It was so welcoming.
Each of the new little pop-up shops had their own vintage blackboard.
I felt like I was in Paris.

Tomorrow, I am meeting a friend for lunch and I think it would
be fun to sit in front of this beautiful space and enjoy all the
happenings in Toronto.  The Mink Mile is getting ready for the
annual Toronto Film Festival, the first of September when all the
Hollywood elite will be walking these same streets.
As I continued my walk down Bloor Street on the Mink Mile,
I always make Holt Renfrew's store a must-see.
They have the most beautiful and inspiring windows in Toronto.
Their window designer has been named one of the top 5 in the world.

This was a tiny window highlighting Royal Mayfair perfume.
The little diorama of key London buildings and stores along
with their famous cabs was a real inspiration for me for
Because of the sun's reflection on the windows, it might be 
difficult to see the beautiful fashion illustrations that acted as
a backdrop to the upcoming season of Fall 2015 clothing.

Can you see these beautiful ladies across a wall in your home?
I would love that.
And the colors.....delicious.
These were the graphic designs behind
the Satorialist's clothing inspirations for the Fall.
Cool, n'est-ce pas???
Terrible photo...I apologize
but look beyond that to see the images as they
grace the background of the Red Carpet fashions.
Nature provides some of the greatest examples of graphic
design.  The graphic hit of a giraffe is pretty impressive.

I am going to wait for a cloudy day and walk back down to
Holt's to try and get some better photos of all their beautiful windows.

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