Fairy Lights And Summer Nights

I am a huge lover of white fairy lights .....
anywhere in the house or outside on the terrace.
It makes your home decor magical.

These ping pong lights can be bought at IKEA and
I love using them around my home, especially on a table
when you are having a group of women over for dinner.
It makes the evening feel like a celebration.
And I use my other IKEA flower fairy lights in my bedroom
and in my den dripping down a wall.
Doesn't this bedroom look like heaven?
All the beautiful white linen and tulle with the white
fairy lights setting it all off.  Can you imagine a magical
night in this cozy nook?
 I do this with an old mirror of my Grandmothers.
I propped it against my bedroom wall and covered it with
white fairy lights from IKEA.  Thank God for IKEA.
I have a feeling that all the IKEA ideas are designed by
magical fairies.
Wouldn't this look dynamite in your backyard?
When I was in Provence several years ago,
I stayed in a wonderful B&B where the Danish owner
had fairy lights in the most unexpected places.
I was mesmerized.  Fairy lights dropping down through the
stairwell 3 stories high.... in a basket on the breakfast table,
or just casually placed on a long dining table.  Look at the lights
the owner incorporated into the floor.  Every place was totally
magical in this lovely old Provence home.  See it here.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

Recently, I incorporated some of my ladies
designs into gift tags and greeting cards.
Today I grouped them together to be sold
as a series of fun ladies.  You can buy them as a group
at a savings or buy them separately as your heart demands.

Go here to visit the new gift tag products.

 Women In Hats series

 French Kiss series

French Women series

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