Quebec City - Rouge et Jaune

In August, I am heading back to one of my very favorite cities
in Canada....Quebec City.  With the Canadian dollar at an all
time low, this is a good time to visit the beautiful places in
your own country.  Going to Quebec is like going to France.
French language, beautiful homes, fabulous food and
some of the nicest people in Canada.  And what's
best....1 1/2 hours from Toronto by plane.

I found an old post from 2009 that featured the
beautiful homes and buildings of this forted
city. Enjoy the rich and beautiful colors
of one of Canada's most lovely city. 

 The one thing I noticed throughout the streets in Quebec City was the frequent use of reds and yellows.  The colors are so warm and lovely together and such a beautiful contrast with the grey and brown stone.  This was one of my favorite homes in the Lower Town of Quebec City.
As I looked through some of my French ladies that I have painted, I saw that in Edith I used the yellows, reds and greys as well.  There is just something so French about those colors. Provence anyone?
This is a lovely cooking supply store in the Lower Town.  So many beautiful items in this shop but it was the outside that caught my attention.  When we were walking through the streets earlier in the day, the painters were there refreshing the warm reds 
 on the window and door.
This is a small restaurant that specializes in lapin dishes.  It was always crowded as rabbit is a favorite dish in French cuisine.  I am not usually hesitant to try a new dish or two but I have never brought myself to want to try rabbit. Easter Bunny and all that.... but I do love the color of the beautiful stones on the outside of this building.
Don't you just love the shutters on this home?  If it's so beautiful on the outside, I wonder how lovely it looks on the inside?  Oh to be on a house tour in Old Quebec City.
Look at this cute little shop that you have to step down and then into.  The flowers at the top of the window and in the flower box were all made of wood.  Now, that's my kind of garden!  
Another pretty warm red on another lovely stone home.  And this phenomenon happens throughout the city.  Maybe the use of the red and yellow colors on the outside of their homes helps to warm up the feeling on those snowy cold winters in Quebec.  
It would certainly do that for me.
Another store in the old town.  People were just beginning to plant their flower boxes.  The market on Saturday had many more flowers and plants than vegetables.  Cars were being filled to the rim with beautiful annuals.  I would bet that in a month this city 
will be drop dead gorgeous.
And a lighter shade of pale.  A little more subdued but nonetheless, beautiful.  I am now thinking how my home might look with a touch of red and yellow.  Rouge et jaune.

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