You Left Me Hanging......

 New gift tags are in my Etsy shop.
These cards are so much fun to create and then it's thrilling
to watch them emerge from the printing process.

All the tags come with an envelope so that you can
use them as a gift card or as a tag on a gift.
One customer uses them as a place setting card
when she invites the girls over for dinner.
I hang them on little knobs around the house
for a splash of color and a hit of fun art.

This is the Angelique French girl tag
with a Paris quote on the reverse.
 And the Colette gift tag
with her invite to Paris on the back.
 And we can't forget the Woman of a Certain Age
with her favorite quote on
the beauty of aging on the reverse.
And for you golf gals,
I didn't forget you.
Here's your "Queen Of The Greens" card....

All these new gift tags can be seen in my Etsy Shop here
with the rest of their sister gift tags.

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