Summer Time And White Living Rooms

 I am a mad lover of white rooms...
always have been and always will be.
To me, there is nothing more beautiful and calming 
than a white room anywhere in the house.

I love the addition of great old vintage furniture and
accessories because they always add the right patina and texture.
And against the color white... you can see them.

Look at all the textures and patterns in this room....
your eyes and soul would have a feast here.
 I love the casualness 
of a draped white sofa.
And the deco mirror and wire chandelier?
 White floors .... a must.
White sofas .... another must.
Beautiful old dark table or stool?
Very grounding and the shapes
show up so lovely against the white background.
About Home had some key tips for decorating white rooms:

1.  Always add a hit of black or dark brown to ground a white space
and give the eye a place to rest.

2.  Use mirrors to open up the space and reflect light.

3.  Glass accessories are visually light and add sparkle.

4.  Create vignettes on mantles or other flat surfaces
to layer your accessories.

5.  Layer couches and chairs with throws and pillows
to add different shades and textures.

6.  Wood some place in the room will add a natural
element.  I added white floors.

 As many of you know, I live in
a Victorian home in Toronto....high ceilings and
very narrow living space.  When I moved to this home 
4 years ago, my home had very dark floors that made 
the space feel even smaller.  So, I painted the grey walls 
to a creamy white and bit the bullet and added white hardwood floors.  
It just opened the space.

Last week, I moved around all the furniture (again) on the first floor and
this is the present configuration of my living room.  I took most of the
paintings off the wall so I could see the bare bones of the room.
Right now, I love the walls without paintings.
It seems more summery and calmer.
 I moved my fireplace I acquired from a theatre
props department and filled it with favorite cream covered
books and candles.  I also decided to stack my magazines next to
the mantle like you see in all the blogs and Pinterest.
Now that I have them out of the bookcase,
I am reading them now all the time.
 The only pieces of furniture that are not covered in white
are my two Bergere chairs.  I left them in French striped linen
in greys, oatmeal and white with a French blue trim.

The little blue bench was found at a garage sale and
I painted it a robin's egg blue as I also did with two shutters
I acquired years ago.
Because I change my furniture and paintings around all the time,
my long wall looked like a piece of swiss cheese.....holes were
everywhere.  Out comes the filler and the holes disappear.

I'm thinking of leaning the art for the next little while until
I decide how I want to hang the paintings.  
I like paintings casually displayed.

I have become very casual in my decorating....
it must be Summer... casual Summer.

Do you have white rooms or are you planning
to lighten up your space in your home?

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