Toronto Fringe Festival .... Urban Legends


Every summer in Toronto,
The Fringe Festival takes place for 12 day.
It is Toronto's largest theatre festival which caters to everyone's
tastes with 1,100 performances within 148 separate
shows.  The price for each ticket runs between $10-12.
You have a choice of:
60 comedic shows
14 dance/physical theatre
30 dramas
13 musicals

Not only are the performances held in small theatres
in the Annex area of Toronto but also live shows
are held in a boxing gym, a yoga studio and
a vintage clothing store.

Because I live in Annex part of Toronto,
I can walk to most of the venues.
So much fun.

The first show I have attended was a
street style dance called
Urban Legends.

I love dance and I especially enjoy being exposed
to newer dance styles from the Street.
These street performers are from the 
Toronto Urban Dance Community
and not only did they educate their audience with
the variations of urban dance but thoroughly
entertained us as well.
We watched Waacking, Breaking, Krump,
Popping, Locking and House.
I was like watching "So You Think You Can Dance."

My favorite performance was by Caroline "Lady C"
Fraser who created a fabulous routine showing
"Popping."  Not only was her routine exceptional,
but her staging and costuming were first class.

There are still about 5 more performances by this
urban dance group at the Tarragon Theatre.
Go watch some great routines by this talented
group and enjoy the great music as well.
A totally fun hour.

Today, I am going to see a play called
The Philanderess at the Annex Theatre.
It is about a woman who has a PhD in 
feminist philosophy but has a rather
racy personal life.
It should be lots of fun.

All of you in Toronto....
get out and Fringe! 

Priscilla Mae et al

This is the petite sculptured pillow of Solange.
She is sitting in my garden enjoying
the beautiful sunny day.
Good thing she has her sun hat on
although she is a little overdressed for
a terrace party.  
She's Parisian.... she's excused.
See her here.

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