WOOD You Like A Lady For Your Home?

I have been madly painting the last of the lady wooden heads
and it is so much fun to see the ladies come alive from a piece
of pine to a shapely likeness of a fun woman.

They have to be sanded, primed, painted and sealed before
they are ready to take their place in my Etsy shop.
Then I go through my collection of fun vintage earrings that I
have collected over the years.  A lot of time was spent at
church bazaars going through the elderly ladies'
jewelry stashes.  They couldn't wait to get rid of 
their treasures and I couldn't wait to have them
in my Priscilla Mae coffers.

This is Bette and she is my
glamorous lady who loves to dance the
night away as her fabric vintage earring moves
as she sashays across the floor.
Rebecca is a princess.
She is one of the smaller of the wooden ladies.
Her earring is a vintage funky little pink dangling earring
that hangs from a satin rose.
Fits her style perfectly, don't you think?

      This is one of my favorite ....
I know you are not supposed to have a favorite among your children 
but... I like Rhoda.
She's my midlife madonna lady and I
put little shimmery white streaks in her hair
to show that she is a lovely woman of a certain age.

Anne has a fun turban that
sets off her deep red hair with bronze streaks.
And those wooden dangling earrings fit her to a "T."
This is the difference in the larger wooden ladies as
compared to the smaller little sisters.

The wooden heads are a fun and funky decor element.
I put the little ones in my bookcases and the larger ones
on tables, or dressers and a couple are on the kitchen
counter where I can enjoy them when I am cooking dinner.
And they like wine as well.

Stop by and say hello to the ladies

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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