Foot Loose And Fancy Free In Paris

 When I traveled solo to Paris last May,
my sister asked that I send her some pictures
 everyday of my favorite city.  Of course, we have all
taken the usual pictures of the landmarks of this beautiful city,
so I was trying to think of a different perspective.

And then one afternoon, the idea came to me.
I was lying on my couch relaxing before running out
for dinner and I took this picture of my feet 
with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  

Another selfie but from
a different perspective.
The unsung heroes of all tourists .... feet.
 Here I am on a bench along the
Boulevard St Germain des Pres.
And along the Seine overlooking
the Pont Royal bridge....
the most beautiful bridge in Paris.
 No matter where you sit along the Seine,
there is always a Bateau Mouche
filled with tourists viewing Paris from it's famous river.
 This was one of my favorite places to snap my tootsies.
Les Deux Magots.
Luckily, I had a great table behind everyone
because you have to maneuver your feet in a position
to take the picture and try not to offend anyone.
I was laughing the entire time taking this picture...
hoping not to get too many strange looks.
 You can tell the days that I did a lot 
of walking .... 
always wearing my Converses.
This is on the plaza of the Musee de Modern Art.

This is a free city Paris museum that
has some wonderful collections of art and furniture,
and if you go in the warmer months, you can sit outside
on the terrace, eat lunch and enjoy the Seine.

 Here I am in the Champs de Mars
watching the little Parisian children race their
cars around a track.  On Sundays, the parks are
filled with families enjoying their day.
 Walk for a couple of hours,
sit for a couple of hours....
the rhythm of Paris.
 The thing about Paris,
there are lots of benches under trees to sit
and relax and enjoy the sights.
In the background is Les Invalides
which was a stones throw away from my apartment.
 I love to go to the Luxembourg Gardens on a Sunday.
People strolling, kids playing at the fabulous playgrounds,
elderly people reading their newspapers, young people sitting
in groups discussing newest music and events with a cigarette
in their hands and moi,  just watching everything happening around me.
All these visual treats with a band playing in the background...
be still my heart.
And finally, along the Champs Elysees...
May is the perfect time to walk down this famous boulevard...
so few tourists and fewer pickpockets.

Now, here is the secret to walking in Paris.
Take 4-5 pairs of your most comfortable shoes....
If they are comfortable, they are probably starting to look their age.
When I leave Paris, I leave most of my shoes behind...
I tell them that they get to stay.

Now I have a reason to buy a few more pairs of shoes and
break them in for my next trip to Paris.
My Converses....they seem to last forever....

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