Shabby Chic Parisian Style

I have always loved the imperfection 
and patina of Shabby Chic.  One doesn't usually think of
Shabby Chic and Paris in the same breathe but
why not?

So one day when I was in Paris in May,
I decided to peruse the beautiful streets of the
6th and 7th arrondissements and just see
if I could spot Shabby Chic Paris style.

This pretty large painting of cherub angels hung
over my bed in the loft.... 
a colorful way to awaken each morning.
I found these very shabby screen doors
through a passageway just off rue de Seine.  
And these lovely old shutters
that have rusted into a beautiful vintage look....
I love them.
Or this lovely iron window on the
first floor of a home right on the street....
Inside the window were typical French lace curtains.
Can you picture this in your home?
This is a detail from a beautiful art deco home.
Notice the lovely stone figure on the left of the photo.
This robin's egg blue color is so shabby chic...
but the beautiful iron work is just plain chic.
 This door faced the park
in front of Les Invalides.
Shabby Chic Parisian style.
I showed these beautiful stairs previously
but I just love them and the wrought
iron railing is a bit shabby but oh so chic.
And finally this beautiful piece of Asian furniture
is just the right color to set off the beautiful textures 
and details. 

Oh,  I would love to own a petite apartment in Paris
and then just have to search the city for interesting 
design elements and furniture to decorate it.
Dream on Meg.... 

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