Bursts Of Color and Beautiful Fashion

Holt Renfrew, Toronto's high end fashion store,
is celebrating summer with a burst of color
and beautiful textures.  These store windows
are exceptional this month.

Walking by the Holt's windows this week
just took my breath away.  The fashions were
beautiful obviously, but the feather accessories
set the whole window on edge.
The colors of the greenery setting off
the clothing were a beautiful contrast.
The flamingos templates on the front
window gave a lovely design element with
the vibrancy of the colors in the background.
The painted parrots on the back wall
made you feel you were in the deepest of jungles.
The head dresses filled the window with
a fire cracker-like explosion.
What a perfect window to celebrate 
Canada Day on July 1st
and the July 4th in U.S.
Have an explosive holiday weekend everyone.

 Priscilla Mae et al

Here they are .....
the newest and the final group of 
wooden women head sculptures.
They have been painted and sealed
and ready for sale in my Etsy shop.

This is Anne.
She wears her deep jade turban
and dangling wooden earrings.

The wooden head is 15"  X  9" in size
and looks great sitting on a corner table, a book shelf,
your boudoir dressing table or as I do,
in my kitchen.  I like having company there.

See Anne here.

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