My City Terrace In Red And Black

This Spring, I decided to purchase new outdoor furniture
for my city terrace.  It's not a huge space, as most city properties are
quite small, but it is the perfect size for me.  After living in the
country where properties are much larger and you spend every
weekend gardening just to keep your head above water, 
this small terrace suits me to a "T."

After staining the fence a deep charcoal,
I decided I wanted a big splash of color.
 I found this set with cherry red cushions
and I was hooked.
It didn't matter if any of the flowers bloomed or not,
I had my color.
I also found a cherry red umbrella for the back
part of the terrace where I have a table and chairs.
It all seemed to go nicely together.
And with the lovely church next door, 
I have eye candy all the time.
And this church is famous for their wonderful
concerts, so I have beautiful music free!!!

The glass wrought iron table was my grandmother's
and I can remember sitting there on a Saturday morning eating 
the only thing she seemed to be able to cook ..... pancakes.
Maybe that's why I love pancakes and crepes so much.
She wasn't your typical grandmother.....
I also added a large black umbrella that I can
open when the summer sun is unbearable and as an
aside, it gives me privacy as well.
So this year,
I am going to wear my red shoes and put my feet up
and enjoy this summer.  On hot summer days,
I will add a gin and tonic to the mix.

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