A Paris Perfect Apartment

I am finally settling back into my normal life
in Toronto but I can't help thinking about my sweetest
little apartment in Paris.  The apartment rental company
I used this time was Paris Perfect Apartments.
They are a first class organization with some of the
most beautiful properties in Paris.  Most of their apartments
are in my favorite 7th arrondissement.

My studio apartment was the Meursault.
It was the only one with a loft bed and the most 
spectacular view over Paris.
To see this apartment, go here.
To view other Paris Perfect apartments,
grab a glass of wine and settle back viewing
their entire selection here.
Good wine is very affordable in Paris.
And the views from this little apartment
just enhanced the happy hour experience.
There is my Eiffel Tower that I enjoyed every day.

If I looked just a little north,
I could see the Arc de Triomphe
and the American Cathedral.
I love the rooftops of Paris and I was on the
7th etage so I saw plenty of them.
I was just two blocks away from some of the
best flower shops in the 7th.  Every week, I
would stop by and pick up a bouquet.  This
lovely group of deep yellow roses were on sale
on a Monday for 8 euros.  Normally
they are 15 euros.

The second week, I bought peonies 
which were the feature at all the best flower shops.
So beautiful.
Because Rue Cler, Paris's famous market
street, was only a couple of blocks away,
I would shop for dinners some nights when I
didn't feel like eating out.  That is the beauty of
renting an apartment in Paris.

I decided to try the wonderful white asparagus
one night.  I turned to my iPad and found a recipe
for cooking these beautiful vegetables.  So simple.

Peel the tough outer layers and gently boil them for
about 20 minutes until tender.  Drain and enhance their sweet
taste with a dab or two of sweet and salty French butter.
There is NO better butter in the world.
And NO better baguettes....
And the wine?  
Can't beat that either.

That night for dinner,
I had the white asparagus and a
caprese salad of buffalo mozzarella,
heirloom tomatoes, and basil with a splash
of good olive oil.  On the side, I had some
French radishes.
This is a view from my loft bed.
I felt like a kid up here....
Like being on the top bunk  ..
only more luxurious.
I loved going to bed a little earlier than usual.
I don't watch a lot of television so I
certainly didn't miss that in Paris....
all news anyway in English.  Ugh.

I loved reading in this wonderful cozy space.
I wish I had something like this in my home in Toronto
but I guess I will have to save this fun experience
for my next trip to Paris.
Good night Paris.

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