Le French Kiss Pillow Series

 The "LE FRENCH KISS" series features three lovely Parisian women 
at different stages of their lives. They meet each Saturday morning 
at Les Deux Magots for their café au lait and a chance to talk about 
their lives. It seems the conversation always turns to love. 
 Love changes for women at different stages of their lives.
See the ladies "here."

 ANGELIQUE is the youngest of the three women. She has just 
met Jacques at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Paris and it was love 
at first sight. This is her first brush with love with all it's sweetness, 
excitement and promise. Ah, the innocence of youth.
COLETTE has had a number of loves in her life but some of 
those relationships ended in disappointment. She has decided to 
focus her energies on her career as an understudy to a famous 
designer. Because she savors her freedom as a single woman, 
Colette enjoys a passionate and playful approach to love ... 
on her terms.
SIMONE has been married for twenty-eight years to Michel, 
a prominent Parisian businessman but like so many women her age, 
her time has not been her own. Now the children have left the 
nest and as a "woman of a certain age," it's her turn to design 
her life and reclaim her essence de vie. She hopes that she and her 
husband will be able to spend more time together having the fun 
they enjoyed when they first married. At this stage, Simone has 
learned that it is as good to receive as it is to give.

Give the "girls" as a group or buy your favorite.
All the girls come with an acrylic stand so they can sit
in your bookcase among your French books.

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