Candle Lit Party Ideas

There is something about candles.
Is it their soft ambient lighting that softens the edges of a room?
Or make everyone at a party look glowing?

Christmas Eve to me is only lit by candles.
It's a tradition.
It's also imperative to have lots of candle light
at all dinner parties.

I love the above idea.
Wine glasses, tea lights and those wonderful little shades..
how easy and pretty can it be?

 Or candles in wine bottles with
pretty paper inside the bottle?
How easy can beautiful lighting be?

Forget the paper...
just lots of wine bottle with candles...

Or fill drinking glasses with water,
fruit slices, flowers, stones or whatever touches
your fantasies..
add a tea light candle that will float
beautifully on top.
Another easy solution to beautiful dinner lighting.

For those summer tables or wouldn't a little touch
of green be most welcome in the winter ...
clay pots, dirt and candles...
Another easy idea.

And finally... 
wrapping greenery, like bay leaves,
around a container with pillar candles.

All of us can bring these simple but lovely
lighting ideas to that next dinner party.
There is nothing better than gathering friends and family
around a wonderful meal during the month of January.
We all need a little light in our life...
even at night. 

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