Handmade Funky Women Sculptures

One of my favorite photos to pin on Pinterest
are all the wonderful handmade doll sculptures.
Whether they are made of plaster, paper maché,
linen, canvas or even paper, these beautiful little
creations just capture my heart.
To see more of my favorite doll pins,
visit my Pinterest page here.

Here are some of my recent favorite artisans
and a sample of their work. 
The last photo of Connie Fong's work will lead
you to a website where Connie shows how
she creates her little women.
Veronique Didier Laurent has been one
of my favorite sculptor of funky women on Pinterest.
But when I went to her site, I see that she started her art
career painting these lovely creatures.
To see a wonderful collection of Veronique's art,
visit her website here.
Catherine Rosselle is a French textile artist
and creates these very interesting doll sculptures.
They are so beautifully organic.
See Catherine's work here.
Odile Bailloeul is another wonderful and whimsical
French artisan who creates so many wonderful characters.
Visit her site here and then go to her blog here
to enjoy her creative journey.

 This colorful little gem was created by Tara Ross.
Her dolls are painted with beautiful bright colors
and their whimsy just brings a smile to your face.
Visit Tara here in her Etsy shop to see more of 
her colorful creations.

Connie Fong makes wonderful little ladies from canvas paper.
To see how you can create your own little women,
go here to see a step by step how-to.

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