Black, White & Red All Over For Spring 2015

 Before I went to see the movie, Mr. Turner,
I stopped by Indigo Bookstore to see what home
accessories were coming in for the Spring ....
and oh how I wish it was Spring.

Black and White patterns were everywhere
with a splashy hit of color and giant flowers.
 I've noticed on blogs and home decor sites
that it seems that flowers will be everywhere
this Spring and for me ... the bigger, the better.
Love these pillows.
 I have lots of black and white accents in my
home because it is so easy to accessorize,
so adding a few more patterns will only
make what is presently there just so much better.
 You wouldn't have to use just flowers to accent
your black and white scheme.  I like the shiny
gold striped pillows as well.
 Throw in some black and white pottery pieces
for the coffee table and make sure they also
have some interesting textures .....
 Where would you get a huge red flower?
Could you make it out of crepe paper?
 And with Valentine's Day fast approaching,
add a little more red, a few macaroons and 
"love is all you need."

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The "LE FRENCH KISS" series features three lovely Parisian 
women at different stages of their lives. They meet each Saturday 
morning at Les Deux Magots for their café au lait and a chance to 
talk about their lives. It seems the conversation always turns to love. 
Love changes for women at different stages of their lives.

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