Strolling In Paris

I love to stroll through the streets of Paris.
No set agenda .... just a walk to see what I can see.
I usually like to hop on one of the Paris buses and get
off at a new point,  just walk and discover this beautiful city.

Everyone was still eating outside on cool days in October...
The large heaters on the terraces allow everyone
to enjoy one of the best activities while you are in this fair city.
Apparently, sitting outside happens during the winter months 
as well.  I will check that out when I head back there in the new year.
Not sure if this was a movie being made or a news crew had
come across this little boy in their travels?  I watched the filming 
for a while but didn't see anything too outstanding,
 so I think it might have been for a movie or TV.
The one disturbing sight now in Paris are all the locks EVERYWHERE..
Every bridge is filled to rim with these locks.  What was fun to
see two years ago is now a huge overkill.  The weight of the
locks is tearing the railings apart and one wonders how many
keys are sitting at the bottom of the Seine.
Enough already people!
Everybody in Paris loves to window shop.
My favorite way to pass the time walking through the streets
of Paris is gallery hopping.  There are art galleries everywhere...
This Japanese Gallery featured a young Japanese artist who
had come to Paris to study art and then painted it's beautiful scenes.
Stopping by the flower mart near Notre Dame is a 
lovely respite from the hub bub of Paris.  On Sunday in the
same location, the flower mart is joined by the bird market and
you can enjoy the beautiful plants along with a lovely bird song.
 Walking along the Seine and checking out all the 
Bouquinistes' shops is another favorite pastime in Paris.  
This is a fun way to buy a souvenir or two
but the prints from old books and magazines would
make wonderful framed prints for your home.  I love the old
fashion magazines you find at these Booksellers of Paris.
 Another of my favorite Paris activity is strolling through 
the street markets and gawking at all the beautiful food.
Cheese, bread, wine ....... 
 These two mimes were in the St Michel square with lots of people
standing around wondering how they were able to sit there in
mid-air. They moved around. They didn't just sit there. 
 I couldn't figure it out... Can you?
 Nothing is more Parisian than sitting at an outside cafe
and enjoying a glass of wine or an espresso with a few of your
good friends.  But like North America, you see more and more
French people also checking their devices to read their texts
while they sit with their friends.  
Bad manners everywhere in the world. 
Have we forgotten how to talk to each other
except through our phone texting device?
Do I sound over the hill?????

 Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

Here's the French Garance Sofa Pillow.
Garance loves to have a little smoke after she
finishes her dinner at a street side bistro.
She thinks a little cigarette keeps her from
eating too much of her dinner and losing her
svelte figure. 
Visit Garance here.

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