A Paris Sunday In The Garden

Whenever I am in Paris,
a must stop is always the Luxembourg Gardens
 on a Sunday.  
The place is magical.

Parisians leave their tiny apartments and head
to the Gardens to enjoy the sun, their own quiet activity
and incredible people watching.
It was a cool Sunday but the warmth of the October sun allowed the 
people to catch a few rays before the arrival of the cold weather.
The mums of yellow and orange and the changing leaves
gave the atmosphere a toasty glow.
I love this photograph I took of a group of
Parisians nestled into a corner of the Gardens.
There are lots of little cozy nooks that allow
everyone a place to quietly sit and enjoy the day.
You know it's Fall but some of the green leaves
suggest early Spring.

Older Parisian women still dress to the nines
even on a Sunday in the Park.  How lovely is
this Woman of a Certain Age?
Or finding the time to catch a little cat nap
when reading the financial section of the paper....
The children's playgrounds in the Luxembourg Gardens
are fabulous.  You wish for a second ... or more,
that you were 8 years old again.
And a lazy Sunday in the Park is a perfect time for
a game of boules.  This game is serious business
as you can see.  The gentleman measuring the distance 
of the ball to the peg seemed to be Derek Jeter of the boules set.
Here he is again showing the finesse 
of a perfect delivery.
And then at the end of the day,
all good things must come to an end.
All the "Luxembourgites" fill the streets
leaving the Gardens to get home for their Sunday dinner.

But the perfect end to a Sunday in the Gardens
might be a cup of fragrant tea and a little pastry to
carry you through until dinner is served.

When you go to Paris,
make sure you allow enough time to see the
real Parisians enjoying their Sunday
in the Luxembourg Gardens.

To see another Sunday I spent in the 
Luxembourg Gardens when I was in Paris,
go here.

(All photos by Meg Mitchell)

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This is Hedda from The Midlife Madonna Series.
She reminds me of the lady in the park
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She's an elegant older woman who
mink hat and coat.
These ladies are still around...
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