A Parisian Apartment In The Seventh

When I go to Paris, my favorite accommodation is always an apartment.
Where else do you get the chance to pretend for a week or more that
you are a resident of this beautiful city?  Vacation In Paris have found me
apartments during many of my visits to Paris.  The company is located in
the US and these days, it's nice to pay for your accommodation in US dollars
as opposed to Euros.  The service is outstanding and the choice of apartments
and Paris locations is excellent.

When I rent an apartment in Paris, my favorite arrondissement is
the 7th.  I know where to buy my food; I know where all the wonderful small
bistros are that are not tourist packed; I know where the American Library is to
find my books, music and movies if I am staying longer periods of time and I
know the buses and their routes that will take me all over this beautiful city. 

This apartment was on a fabulous street wonderfully located so that you were within walking distance to much of Paris.  It was a five minute walk 
to the Rodin Museum and it's beautiful garden.  A grocery store, 
and delightful small restaurants made
life very easy after a long day of walking around Paris.
I fell in love with The Rodin Apartment as soon as I crossed the threshold.
Of course I was breathing heartily after the trek up 4 flights of steps.  
You see, some of the interesting places in Paris don't have elevators.  
Actually, it wasn't too bad....eat more French food and work it off 
climbing the steps to your apartment.

This apartment with it's stained white beams, the beautiful floor, and the pooling
linen drapes was just what I was looking for.  Couple those attributes with an old
marble fireplace and the rustic French decor and I was in Paris heaven.
There is an interesting aspect about Paris apartments ....
many of them don't have reading lamps.  North Americans like
the ambiance lamps give a room but more important, at night 
we like to read or work on our computers.  This apartment had lamps.  
After a long day, it was so lovely to curl up on the couch with a 
good book.  You can only take so much CNN and BBC news.
The bedroom in the Rodin Apartment is a study of small space decor.
Behind the mirrored doors is a Murphy Bed.  The apartment
owner provided lots of space for hanging clothes and closet space.
I kept the bed down....
The one downside, if it is important to you, 
was the size of the kitchen.  It's teeny.  Only room for one person 
at a time.  The stove, the oven and the dishwasher are all 
one appliance.  What will they think of next?
If you come for a shorter stay and eat out all the time,
it's not a big deal.  If you are staying for a longer time,
you just have to be more creative in using the space.
There is a combined clothes washer and dryer.
After the clothes are washed, the same machine dries them.
Another surprise.
The most important aspect to me in an apartment is a bathtub.
I'm not a shower girl.  I like a long hot bath with a glass of wine
at the end of a busy day.  This apartment got top marks from
me for having a bath tub.

I am heading back to Paris in February.
I want to spend time in Paris during the winter months
and this would be just the type of an apartment I would be 
drawn to when I travel alone.  

Thank you to Jan and all her colleagues at Vacation In Paris
for making my last trip to Paris and the Rodin Apartment
a wonderful experience.  And to the owners of the Rodin,
I love your apartment.

My next post will talk about the fun I had at my
following Parisian apartment that was
a cute garden cottage in Montparnasse.

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