Paris .... Graphically And Artistically Yours

My favorite activity in Paris
is meandering through her streets
with my eyes wide open and my camera ready.  
Walking through Paris is a total
visual delight.
But, you must  s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n.

I think the iconic Metro sign is even
more beautiful at night.  The graphics of
this sign is recognizable all over the world.
It is truly Parisian.
Beauty and design are the operative words one thinks of when
describing Paris.  Their major industries of fashion, food, perfumes,
wines, art, etc. are beautifully advertised to tantalize all your senses.

Flowers creeping over this Haussman building alert
you to a Yves Rocher's Pop Up Shop.
I love the posters that you see all over Paris
encouraging you to come to a gallery to see a new show.
These posters are my favorite items to photograph when I am
walking through this beautiful city.

Wouldn't it be fun to collect them and hang them
on your walls at home?
Now, that would be a great art wall.
Some graphics in the streets of Paris
announce a bit of history that may occurred in that building
or a famous person who might have lived there.

No matter where you walk in Paris,
you will see small home signs with a bouquet of dried flowers
honoring a member of the French army or a Resistance Fighter.
I always stop to read them .. my way of honoring their service.
Even the famous landmarks of Paris like the department
store Au Printemps incorporate modern signage along
with the beautiful mosaic inscription from the last century.
Fashion illustration along side of the
actual dress is a double whammy
for retailer H&M.
Would this buxom beauty lure you into this
dress shop in the 6th arrondissement?
I love the art and I especially like the juxtaposition
of this beautiful portrait.
It was fun to watch the natural instinct of passerbys
to cock their heads slightly to see her better.
Of course, the one vehicle of famous Paris graphics
is the iconic blackboard outside most bistros.
Even the handwriting is oh so French.
Do they learn to write like that in school?

Next time in Paris,
forget the Eiffel Tower ( except at night), Notre Dame,
or any other typical Paris landmarks and hit the streets.
You won't need to spend hours standing in line at the Louvre....
there is art everywhere in Paris and it's FREE.
Just slow down .... you'll see it.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

Gabrielle has just been purchased by a
real Paris woman.  It is really nice when
Paris appreciates some Canadian art as well.
The link will lead your to Gabrielle's twin sister
in a different color story.

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