A Garden Cottage In Montparnasse

 Ever since I started perusing Vacation In Paris's catalog of
potential apartment rentals in Paris, this little Garden Cottage
has always caught my eye.  And in October of this year,
I booked it for a week.

It's a little piece of heaven in a hectic city.
The amazing thing about the location of this little cottage
is that it is less than 5 minutes away from the busy Boulevard du
Montparnasse on a little street that feels like you are living in
a small town.  There's a fish shop, a great grocery store, an electrical
shop to buy adapters (which I forgot to bring), a fab pizza place,
and the list goes on.
 You walk in the front door of the cottage to a large kitchen with
an attached dining area.  If you love to cook, this kitchen is the
winner of all the places I have ever stayed in Paris.  The dining
area can seat 6-8 people easily.  There is no excuse not to invite
the new Parisians you have met to dinner at your cottage.
 When the shutters are opened in the morning, the light pours in.
Check out the skylights....  
Sun during the day, the moon at night.
Wine, food, candles and moonlight ... a perfect end to the day.
Attention Chefs .....  there is a gas stove.
Plus, every small appliance you could dream of.
The refrigerator is your typical below the counter frig
but in Paris, you buy your food daily.  The marché
which is 2 minutes away from the apartment is open every
Wednesday and Saturday.  
Everything is at your fingertips in this cottage.
 A dining table in a Parisian apartment has more uses
than just a place to eat.
With all this light and greenery, I would love to paint here
or write a blog post or two or spread out
my itinerary to plan my next day in Paris.
 The living room is also a good size and yet quite cozy.
The owner of this darling cottage has filled the place with lovely 
vintage furniture and antiques that have a bohemian touch which is
so in right now.  There are some lovely Moroccan pieces
to admire.  A lot of pride has gone into the planning of this space.

See the little stairs in the corner?
They will lead you up to the loft bedroom.
Now I was a little hesitant about those stairs at first
but they were not so bad.  I felt quite safe.
 The bedroom was one of my favorite spaces...
when you are lying down.  If you are tall like I am,
the key to living in this space is duck,  lie on the bed and
roll to the other side. That works really well.
You see, the ceiling is quite low at the foot of the bed
but instead of worrying about the height of the ceiling,
check out the beautiful iron work on the railing.

The best part of this bedroom is the skylight over the bed.
Beautiful at night ... and if the sunlight bothers you in the morning,
there is a remote that lets you close the window and covering for privacy.
 The bathroom is not a bad size for Paris standards
and it has a heated towel bar. 
This is the marché at the foot of the Montparnasse Tower.
This is 2 minutes from the Garden Cottage.  Whenever you are walking
around Paris and happen to get lost, just look up
and spot the Tower and head home.  And at the top of the Tower
is a great bar so that you can sit and admire the beautiful city below.
Another good way to end your day in Paris.

Also close by are some of Paris's most famous bistros like Le Select,
The Dome, and La Rotunda to name a few.  And if you need a walking
break, there are movie theatres near by that show English speaking
films with subtitles in French.  What a great way to improve
your high school language skills.
Five minutes away from your cottage is the 
beautiful Cimeterie du Montparnasse.  It is smaller than
some of the other cemeteries in Paris but there are some lovely
sculptures and beautiful words honoring the loved ones who have
passed on.  See my recent blog post here.
 So come sit awhile and enjoy the peace and tranquility
of this lovely little jewel in Montparnasse.  
Can you think of a more beautiful place to enjoy your coffee
in the morning or a more restful place to toast Paris
at the end of the day?

Go visit Vacation In Paris and see if this little piece of heaven
is available on your next trip to the City Of Lights.
Just remember ... duck and roll.

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Iris would love to stay in the Garden Cottage
when she goes to Paris.
She is one of the ladies from
The Garden Club Series.
You can say hello to Iris here.

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