Roaming Through The Rhone

 Our tickets are booked.
Tony and I will be heading back to France in the Fall
and I am getting so excited.

As soon as our plane lands in Paris,
we will find our way to the Gare (train station)
and hop the short two hour trip to Lyon
where we will begin our discovery of the
infamous Rhone-Alps Region.
 Our fascination with all things Lyon came from the wonderful
foodie shows on television such as Anthony Bourdain
who tantalized our interests with the most incredible
food experiences.

Lyon is the gastronomic centre of France.
It's the home of the famous chef Paul Bocuse and
where many chefs go to be trained in the culinary arts.
It's one of the major wine centres with the likes
of Beaujolais, Cotes du Rhone and Savoy.
 People that have been to Lyon say that
once we visit, we will want to pack up and move to
this lovely French city.  And if you love food,
it's the centre of the universe.

Tony has been dying to go to Lyon.  He is absolutely
thrilled that we will be exploring this wonderful area.
We are both trying to lose some weight now so
we can enjoy the "fruits of the Lyonnaise labor".
 Dining in bouchons, which are traditional
restaurants serving delicious local dishes and wines,
will be a major highlight of our trip.
 After spending 3-4 days in Lyon,
we will rent a car and just meander around this beautiful region.
To the east of Lyon is Annecy, which is an attractive old
Alpine town on the shores of Lake Annecy.
This is one town I won't miss.
 Apparently the markets are wonderful in Annecy.
In France, there is a market somewhere every day.
It's probably one of my favorite activities when I
am traveling in France.
Wonderful cheeses, breads, local food and wine,
and even French antiques and home decor items.
You have to get up early though and have
your cafe and croissant to start the day off right.
 I am hoping our car might find it's way a little out of
the region but not far,  to one of the loveliest towns ...
Aix-en-Provence.  I remember having a late dinner among
the plane trees one night many, many years ago and it
was so special.  It was just a place to stop for the night
before we drove back to Paris to catch our flight back
to Toronto.  I need a little more time here.

I understand this town has wonderful flea markets.
I hope our little car will find it's way here.
But we are going to spend 5 to 6 days back
in Paris.  It's my yearly sojourn.
I am now planning a fun itinerary of wonderful new sights
and places I have never visited in Paris.
There is always so much to see and do in my favorite city.

But, it is imperative to also visit old favorites
in the City of Light.
Café Constant in the 7th for dinner and
my favorite breakfast place in the Alma.
Paris is not Paris without at least one visit to either place.

Can't wait......

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